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Noise Pop Festival Bender’s Happy Hour

March 1, 2019 5pm

Text Me Records Presents

Noise Pop Festival Bender’s Happy Hour

Drew Banga + Amen'Auset (Oakland), Curasao (SF), Ramonda Hammer (LA)

Bender's Bar and Grill • 5:00PM–8:00PM • 21+• FREE

Drew Banga

Drew Banga's credits include Kamaiyah’s “I’m On,” Rexx Life Raj and ymtk’s “What’s Up,” 1-O.A.K.’s “Lost & Found” (which he co-produced with Kuya Beats) and Caleborate’s latest single, “Bankrobber” (with Chose1). He’s also the musical director for Duckwrth, overseeing every aspect of his live show and producing for the Republic Records-signed rapper and singer. He also co-produced much of Kamaiyah’s highly-anticipated, forthcoming sophomore album.

“There’s not an artist in the Bay I haven’t produced for, done a song with or gone on tour with,” Arnett says. “I’m a producer. I don’t sing, but I write. I try to make whatever I put my hands on better than what I heard before. And I’m all about cultivating people’s sound.”

Drew Arnett didn’t start producing professionally until a year before making the “I’m On” beat for Kamaiyah in 2015. “I just wanted to be a touring bass player,” he says.

Now a full-time producer and musician, Arnett spends most of his time at Different Fur as an in-house producer for the studio-affiliated label, Text Me Records. He has his gripes with the lack of an industry infrastructure in the Bay Area but sees his affiliation with Text Me as a tipping point.

“I work closely with artists at Text Me and I’m gonna be able to put the spotlight on a lot of artists in the Bay. Kinda like A&R-ing, but I’m producing too. The artist can be nobody and the producer can have such a big name and the song can go platinum. That’s what I want to do.”

Taken from the KQED article "Behind The Beats: Drew Banga" by Adrian Spinelli

Read more here: https://ww2.kqed.org/arts/2017/10/17/behind-the-beats-drew-banga


Amen’Auset’s first live performance was in the back of her parent’s Volvo riding around Oakland’s Lake Merrit at the seasoned age of three. She sang the opening riff to Maxwell Ascension(don’t ever wonder) that was as emotionally moving as it was impressive to witness a three year old memorize and croon (on key) with one of the finest to ever grace a stage; Maxwell was fortunate he was born first. Her soul was imprinted with the essence of the music immortals before she uttered her first words.

Amen’Auset now stands before us a sister-queen with a gift to share, an energy to emit, and a message to convey. Her love-affair with vibration and composition create a lovechild of a truly immaculate conception- she is creativity in its authenticity and is impassioned by pushing the purity of her craft forward. The sister intuitively understands the need for complementing the beauty of harmonic artistry with the kiss of emotional timelessness. Her music speaks. The name Amen’Auset literally translates as “One who seeks truth through trance.” She has found her truth in music…and music is her trance.